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UFI Dongle

UFI Dongle Crack works with an amazing dongle tool that helps you resize the EMMC you want. All your data is stored and managed through EMMC storage. This way you can organize the data and request it according to your request. You can configure the data to be accessed first during any process. A helpful work app on an Android phone helps you what stage means to use it. Listen with help if UFI BOX CRACK easily inserts, updates, and formats your EMMC data. With one click, open EMMC and format user data. You can also easily delete some parts of the data. You can unlock locked user and mobile codes through this app. After that we are faced with password corruption problems, now you love this tool. We often forget patterns and passwords and can’t open these codes or patterns. Able to unlock all kinds of icons.

UFI Dongle Crack using Quickstart or Firehose protocol. Support various firmware files. Create a backup of your data. This means that when your mobile phone boots up, it helps protect your data. It has storage memory When requesting a backup, Crack UFI Dongle stores all your important data in its memory area. After flashing, you can restore your data to the original place where it was already stored.

Also, online servers are integrated with this safe and secure tool to solve all your problems in no time. Complete procedures at a very high speed. UFI Dongle Crack is easy to use, a newbie can use the troubleshooting tool. EMMC Repair; Change the size and format of EMC EMCC.

UFI Dongle crack without box charger:

UFI Box Without Box works with an amazing dongle tool that helps you resize EMMC as you like. Basically, all your data is stored and managed through EMMC storage. So you can organize and sort data on your demand. You can configure the data in a way that you access it first during any operation. The handy work app helps you on an Android phone at any stage where calling means using it. Listen, with the help of UFI BOX CRACK you easily insert, update and format your EMMC data. With one click, open EMMC and format user data. Also, you can easily delete some parts of the data. You can open the locked user and mobile code through this app. After this, we are facing a password corruption problem, now you solve it with this tool. Many times we forget patterns and passwords and we are not able to open these codes or patterns. Able to open all kinds of codes.

UFI Box Latest Crack is a complete key discovery for your mobile system. Read and also write your codes. With the help of this new product, you can create a new password and pattern more securely and easily. Also, it provides complete tips for reading code and steps to write code efficiently. Next, you can solve the problem of the serial number of the IMEI of your mobile. The main theme of this tool is that helps users to change their serial number to new. Again I tell you, repair your old or new IMEI and SIMS Codes as new. Also, UFI BOX supreme software allows you to update the firmware in EMMC on various mobile phones such as Samsung, Micron, Toshiba, Kingston, China Phone SK Hynix and other products.

Key Features:

  • Add: Over 5.4 terabytes of zip files uploaded to support servers
  • ADD: Revised Support File Platform
  • Addition: a revised in-download download manager with CV and queue support
  • ADD: download limits per user (10 GB or 20 files per day)
  • EMMC Toolbox Changes:
  • Add: check the user section
  • It is used to verify the specified eMMC partition data against file data
  • ADD: Verify Sector 0 for NAND Test Job
  • BUG: Error processing static PIT file on Factory Image tab
  • BUGFIX: Resolution for FFU Causes eMMC in MoviNAND Transport with VHX0 Driver (KMVTU)
  • Bug fixes – bug fixes and minor improvements
  • Android toolbox changes:
  • ADD: Disable instant cloud services
  • This feature will correct firmware version 8.0 and earlier (on the fly) while flashing.
  • It works on Qualcomm and Media Tech platforms.
  • BUG: UFI Box and UFI Dongle can now work simultaneously
  • Bug fixes – bug fixes and minor improvements
  • [MediaTek tab]
  • Add: Meizu SLA authentication support
  • Meizu Media Tek devices will work the same way as other Media Tek devices in general (requires
  • Internet connection)
  • Add: [Cool pad] Automatic exit from factory mode in flashing procedure
  • [Qualcomm tab]
  • Add: support for the LGE TOT official firmware extraction
  • Add: Automated generic CDT processing for other Qualcomm (Lenovo) devices in the flashing procedure
  • Error: Oppo Qualcomm OFP extraction error has been fixed
  • Errors: Revised DA Processing for MT6750, MT6755 (Helio P10), MT6757 (Helio P20), MT6795 (Helio X10) and MT6797 (Helio X20)
  • BUGFIX: [Oppo] revised out of Fast boot mode, should now work on any known firmware variant

Hardware Features:

  1. Fast-speed USB 2.0 (480Mbps)
  2. Latest design and creation with LDO voltage current and other extra power sources for gain power.
  3. Save an online system and save with Java smart card.
  4. It has multiprotocol with 20 and many IO pins.
  5. USB HOST with full speed
  6. Manage current protection.

UFI Dongle Features:

  • Free cost world compotator software with multiple platforms.
  • Work is lonely and has a simple and easy user interface.
  • UFI Dongle Crack has online storage and an integrated security tool
  • Make a plan for repairing and up-to-date your mobiles.
  • Also synchronizing file function.
  • Bugfixes fix your all bugs problems and etc.

What’s New?

  • Manage and repair old and new mobile devices.
  • Show more phone screens that all users can easily understand.
  • HTC devices must also be serviced.
  • A safe and secure protocol for using the Internet.
  • Compatible with all mobile phones including HTC devices
  • A highly efficient and secure software platform
  • Due to its high level of technical sophistication, this program does not require any configuration on your part.
  • Also, repair IMEI, and read and write unlock codes.
  • Permanently changed.
  • Its interface is 8-bit at full speed, which gives it more speed than other trainers. Also, no deep experience is required to use it.
  • Provide ease of use, installation, and support to facilitate professionals directly.

Staying Ahead with Updates:

Continuous Software Improvements

  • UFI Dongle regularly updates its software to improve functionalities, fix bugs, and enhance compatibility with new mobile devices and technologies.

Access to New Device Support

  • Through updates, the UFI Dongle keeps up with the ever-evolving landscape of mobile technology, ensuring compatibility with the latest devices.

Support and Community:

Customer Support and Assistance

  • UFI Dongle offers customer support to assist technicians with any inquiries, technical issues, or troubleshooting they may encounter.

Engaging with the Repair Community

The UFI Dongle community provides a platform for technicians to share insights, exchange repair techniques, and collaborate on solving complex issues.

Future Innovations

Anticipated Features and Advancements

  • UFI Dongle’s development roadmap includes anticipated features and advancements that will further empower technicians and expand their capabilities.

UFI Dongle’s Role in Evolving Mobile Technology

  • As mobile technology continues to evolve, the UFI Dongle plays a crucial role in enabling technicians to adapt to new challenges and stay at the forefront of the industry.


  •  Windows: Vista / XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 or 64 bits)
  •  CPU:  2.0GHz or higher.
  • RAM:  Minimum 1GB recommended 4GB.

Serial Key:

  • 743YURG-GT23YU2T-327YE2-YU3HGU3
  • Y23TYW3-Y3UHEYT3-U32Y7G-UY327GH
  • HYWQ73-U3WUY-G32YGT73-G2136TGY

Activation Key:

  • xAWHAt67H4Hg-g0td3JLBLlQUUTRq4rHw
  • 1LskCHh1zcA0-s77WCYP7tjjTweKN2UuN
  • 4szysyFqBOf1-jxxv92aMfjjHFRxHbX1p
  • ISJKoDXM2zHHfeerjtgkw3ctvrvBMoXB

 Product Key:

  • bmeaDaSt4C-YRC4oqsT0XxmtqiuBmOCKC
  • GVTvzExvUL-tpg30ikseArgMDJQp80zeN
  • 2JYKyp2V3T-4OR0v6FXbXaDjZxFpO0WtV
  • hSmRyI6I26-tJgS4DRA4rNf9VaYrDyJft

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How to Install?

  • Read the full description of UFI Dongle Crack and download it from our link.
  • Next, use WinRAR to extract the latest version of UFI Dongle Crack.
  • Then run “UFI Dongle Crack” as an administrator and wait.
  • Accept the UFI Dongle Crack Terms and click on the Next button.
  • Open the license settings and copy the license key from the crack patch settings.
  • Now paste the key. Finally, click on the Done button and enjoy it.
  • Open the installer and connect the laptop to the USB cable.
  • It offers many options like the fix, changes IMEI, flashes, and more


The UFI Dongle revolutionizes mobile phone repair and unlocking by offering a comprehensive suite of tools and functionalities in a user-friendly package. With its ability to diagnose issues, repair firmware, extract data, and unlock devices, the UFI Dongle empowers technicians to deliver efficient and effective solutions, ultimately enhancing user satisfaction and driving the mobile repair industry forward.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of mobile devices are compatible with the UFI Dongle?

The UFI Dongle supports a wide range of mobile devices, including various smartphone brands and models.

How does the UFI Dongle assist in mobile phone repair?

The UFI Dongle aids technicians in diagnosing hardware and software issues, repairing firmware, extracting data, and unlocking devices, streamlining the repair process.

Can the UFI Dongle be used by both beginners and experienced technicians?

Yes, the UFI Dongle’s user-friendly interface caters to both beginners and experienced technicians, enabling efficient navigation and utilization.

What benefits does the UFI Dongle offer for unlocking devices?

The UFI Dongle unlocks devices locked by patterns, PINs, passwords, or other security measures, giving users access to their devices and expanding service offerings.

How does UFI Dongle stay up-to-date with new mobile technologies?

UFI Dongle regularly updates its software to improve functionalities and compatibility with new mobile devices and technologies, ensuring technicians have access to the latest solutions.

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