IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack + Keygen Full Setup [2023]

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack + Activation Keygen Full Setup [2023]:

IObit Smart Defrag Pro

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack has a powerful backup process through which you can undelete and recover deleted data without any quality issues. You can also enhance the drive with which you can organize your hard drives for files. IObit Smart Defrag Pro can support both hard drives and SSDs to perform actions and increase operability as well. It can help you speed up disk read and write speed and bring your system to the highest level regarding its performance because in the defragmentation process this program runs in the background with the quick defragmentation process.

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack is a highly optimized, safe yet clean disk optimizer for the most impressive power display. Unlike the classic premium disk defragmenter offered by many defragmentation operators, Smart Defrag additionally enforces your data based on the amount used to encrypt the data on the disk. Although it has various capabilities, Smart Defrag can be laborious, dedicated, and easy to set up and use. Smart Defrag is designed to maximize the organization of new businesses.

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack Activation Keygen 2023:

IObit Smart Defrag Pro license comes with powerful features that implement slow processing and efficiently increase your system performance. Most programs provide sharding, but the main advantage of this program is that it helps you execute specific actions simultaneously. Due to the fragmentation process, your system may slow down and not run programs efficiently due to overload. But there is a great advantage in the form of this application you can organize your data and files in a very effective way and improve the operability of your computer.IObit Smart Defrag Pro Patch can release all your stress and bring you an effective workplace.

An interface in Disk Defragmenter allows you to choose what you want to defrag your computer and how. These hooks reveal the central hard drive, Windows software (Windows 8.1), and also an option to select some folders and folders. If you’re running Windows 8 or a newer brand, you’ll also get Precision Optimization software that will run at any time or stream Windows like a hard drive, or won’t be modified by the drive.

The IObit Smart Defrag Pro license key, for example, offers fast defragmentation, but this decision is not applicable there. Instead, all you need to do is choose a little “smart defragmentation” or move your mouse over a nearby tick to select approved actions. The smart defragmentation key activates the center display option (when it is seen that it is complete, the files or newspapers that you want to defrag are combined).

Key Features:

  • Smart Defrag has a universal engine.
  • It is built for large modern hard drives, which eliminates a long waiting period.
  • Smart Defrag does not use defragmentation. In addition, it simplifies your
  • document system and places frequently used files and files at the fastest disk speed, allowing your computer to work at maximum speed with maximum stability.
  • The intelligent defragmentation function can be obtained automatically and
  • smoothly from the legacy, so it always keeps you always.
  • An easy-to-use interface makes Smart Defrag the right software for your new laptop.
  • However, compared to other automatic defragmentation tools, Smart Defrag does not perform tests and defragmentation continuously, which will damage
  • your rigid card and shorten its life.
  • Smart Defrag includes the production of Safe Intelligence that can guarantee disk health by knowing when and how to best defrag.
  • Smart defragmentation is free. Download it, use it and update it on your computers, businesses or service servers; Well, it won’t cost you a penny.
    Note that the defragmentation boot time is not compatible with the removable version and should not be used.


  • Simple interface
  • Schedule tasks
  • Minimizes intrusion


  • The interface is occasionally slow

What’s New?

  • The New Defrag Engine supports multithreading for ultra-fast, stable, and efficient defrag.
  • New Smart Defrag/Optimize Technology to intelligently apply the most suitable defrag/optimize the method for different disks to reach top performance.
  • Added Defragment Specified Files under Boot Time Defrag for more thorough and effective defragmentation.
  • Added Large File Defrag supports defragmenting large files to accelerate disk read/write speed and enhance disk durability.
  • Added Free Space Defrag maximizes the disk read/write performance by consolidating the free space for large contiguous blocks.
  • Added Silent Mode to intelligently adjust defragmentation priority according to user preference and disk status.
  • Support Scheduled Tasks to defrag disks automatically when the PC is idle.
  • Added Auto Update to always keep Smart Defrag up-to-date.
  • Added new Readable skin and a more intuitive interface for easier use.
  • Support more than 30 languages.
  • And more can be discovered.

System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 8 / 8.1 / 7 / XP / 10 and compatible with MAC.
  • CPU: Pentium 90MHz or higher.
  • Memory: 16 MB of RAM is required (minimum).
  • Hard disk: At least 80 MB is available on the hard disk.


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How to Install IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack?

  • Download this program as soon as you click on the download button.
  • When the download is complete, install it on your system.
  • Extract files and run the configuration.
  • Click on the Finish button.
  • Everything you have done, enjoy it.
  • Share it IObit Start Menu Pro


IObit’s Smart Defrag has been updated with numerous new features and a more straightforward interface to improve the disc fragmentation experience. The Game Optimizer and Disk Fitness programs and Smart Defrag’s Auto Defrag and Boot Time Defrag apps are highly automated and efficient. It is undoubtedly worth the time and effort to participate in this program. The software is available in a variety of languages. The installation of Smart Defrag includes adverts and promotions that are only slightly influenced by Smart Defrag’s rating. You can skip these optional additions if you don’t wish to participate in IObit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: Is IObit Smart Defrag Pro compatible with all versions of Windows?

Yes, IObit Smart Defrag Pro is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Q2: Can I exclude specific files or folders from the defragmentation process?

Absolutely! IObit Smart Defrag Pro allows you to exclude specific files or folders from the defragmentation process, ensuring the safety of your important data.

Q3: Does IObit Smart Defrag Pro support Solid-State Drives (SSDs)?

Yes, IObit Smart Defrag Pro supports SSDs and includes a dedicated SSD Trim functionality to optimize their performance.

Q4: Can I schedule automatic defragmentation with IObit Smart Defrag Pro?

Certainly! IObit Smart Defrag Pro offers the option to schedule automatic defragmentation at convenient times, allowing for hands-free optimization of your computer.

Q5: Does IObit Smart Defrag Pro improve overall system performance?

Yes, by defragmenting your files and optimizing the placement of data on your hard drive, IObit Smart Defrag Pro significantly improves overall system performance, resulting in faster access to files and smoother operation.

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