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EFT Dongle Crack Without Box (Setup) Latest Free Download

EFT Dongle Crack

A phone flashing program with a Chinese foundation is called EFT Dongle Crack. Additionally, EFT Dongle is a quick and unique method for rooting mobile devices. This innovation for mobile phones is fantastic. It fixes cell phones made by all manufacturers. I believe there are other pieces of software you may use to fix your mobile issues, such UFT Dongle, Infinity-Box Crack, and Furious Gold Crack, but EFT Dongle is the greatest of them all. This was built especially for Chinese phones. Additionally, EFT Dongle Crack with Setup is an excellent tool for fixing pets. Your locked cell phones will be unlocked thanks to this activity. This dongle specifically supports all mobile phones made in China. You can choose the ideal remedy for Chinese phones. To flash your Android smartphones, do amazing work

The biggest industry in the world right now is mobile marketing. With time, mobile lovers mean that there are more users, and the mobile industry tries to create high-quality products for users, but occasionally you do not produce error-free products, at which point you and your users are concerned. However, now I can tell you that EFT Dongle Crack helps you to fix all major problems with your mobile devices. Sometimes when we get a mobile device, we are unfamiliar with how to use it, and when our device is locked or broken, we visit a mobile repair shop to identify the problem. When we talk about the issues with our mobile vitals, we find that getting someone ready costs more and they don’t function properly.

EFT Dongle Crack Without Box Setup Incl License Key:

The upgraded and enhanced root explorer is a key component of EFT Dongle Setup. This choice ensures that any new root-investigating technologies are covered and that the mobile phone gadget is not damaged. The ERP Dongle also offers to root for a variety of devices. This functionality is quite helpful because rooting is a crucial part of fixing and reactivating mobile devices. To guarantee that the user has access to a copy of the restored data, backups are performed on the data. An online dictionary is also included with the EFT Dongle. To continuously support the user, this lexicon is updated on a regular basis.

The EFT Dongle License Key is available in various languages. The user has the opportunity to choose the language they are most comfortable with thanks to this function. This aids in meeting the requirements of a sizable user base. It operates quite quickly and has a very powerful engine. It completes all tasks in a little period of time. The user benefits tremendously from the time savings. Utilizing it is pretty simple. It has a really fluid layout with lots of customization options. These capabilities enable the user to identify the mistake and carry out the necessary diagnostics.

A professional software called EFT Dongle Crack without a Box unlocks and flashes FRP on compatible devices like Meizu, Vivo, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, CoolPad, and others. For all MKT Chips, you can use it without a box with ease. It unlocks and flashes systems using a data card and chip. Each chip or card contains information specific to the unlocking system. When we talk about unlocking mobile devices, we mean removing the lock from your device; occasionally a lock is placed on your device by your account, your password, or your bootloader, which unlocks these lock codes. Its ability to unlock your devices without activation is one of its best features. For unlocking operations, 50 to 60 seconds are needed.

Due to the simplest way of using the root system, you may install and utilize it with ease. It offers a fully user-friendly interface that is tailored to your needs. Your language choice or change is up to you. It pinpoints problems with your phone and provides us with fantastic fixes. It extends the life of your mobile phone and saves it. EFT Dongle Crack has the appearance of an Android optimization program. Using a USB connection, you can connect your phone to the PC and use the Menas computer system to flash and unlock the device. because Windows, Linux, or Mac computers run your program.

Global Features EFT Dongle:

  • It uses the most recent pet root method.
  • Officially, Your Root does not require anything like zip files or the like.
  • The newest features include Knox, fingerprint, Wi-Fi, rooting with no issues, and booting.
  • It works with all devices with unlocked bootloaders and flashing boot. image
  • When you root your device, DM-verity and DRK won’t be affected in any negative ways.

Key Features:


  • All mobile brands also use Flash and XML.
  • It aids in FRP reset (EDL Mode, Fast Boot Mode, ADB mode, and latest security)
  • Acceptance of all languages
  • Repair ATE Mode, ADB Mode, and EMEI Meta Mode as well.


  • Read the pre-loader, SIM codes, and pattern.
  • Write and read the Flasher Factory overall.
  • Remove the lock, pattern, and FRP.


  • Repairing IMEI.


  • Directly unlock Samsung Exynos, SPD, and Qualcomm automatically.
  • fix network issues moreover, DRK and Qualcomm both repair UART and IMEI.
  • Remove the ERP from both the new and old models now.


  • Devices in the USA can be rooted.
  • new security-enhanced devices.

Supported CPUs & Models for EFT Dongle:

  • Samsung, HTC, Huawei, ASUS, Sony, Motorola, Qualcomm, MTK, Spreadrum, and Exynos.

EFT Dongle – Root Features:

USA, China, and all Samsung, etc.

  • It offers every language you may ever need.
  • You create a data backup.
  • First-ever one-click root reboot, secure storage removal, Samsung contact fix, hotspot fix, and Samsung Docomo contact fix.
  • online dictionary updates
  • assist several translators
  • The most recent and sophisticated root explorer.

EFT Dongle Info:

  • Release 4.1
  • 593 MB in size
  • Freeware license

What’s New?

  • SAMSUNG Exynos, please
  • Dispatch SAMSUNG SPD
  • SAMSUNG Can Direct Unlock Qualcomm
  • Repair of the Spreadrum IMEI Network
  • UART Repair DRK
  • Qualcomm updated NV and IMEI
  • Equivalent to FRP for all Samsung ( new and old security)

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How to download, install, and Activate EFT Dongle.

  • You must to download the EFT Dongle Crack Setup.
  • It is executed as an administrator by EFT DONGLE.exe. Done.
  • Connect the EFT dongle to your computer system now.
  • You should access the device manager. choose a smart card, then update driver, then
  • Additionally, open device managers, explore your computer for driver software, let you choose from a list of drivers on your system, select smart cards, and then select identification device (Microsoft Generic Profile). driver update warning: press YES to continue.
  • Then, select a > chose smart card > update driver > in the device management.
  • Ultimately, click the registry buttons there.
  • To register your dongle, click the register button right now.
  • Additionally, care tour phone, etc.

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